Hey there!

Hi, I’m Lisa Verhoeven and I am a creative and passionate designer based in the Netherlands. In July 2018 I graduated from the HAN University of Applied Sciences with a degree in Communication and Multimedia Design. Since then I’ve been working on different projects.

Experience Design
My education specialized me in user-centered design in which the experience plays a major role. I love to design engaging and enjoyable experiences. As an experience designer, I am involved in concepts and prototypes for interactive applications, serious games, gamification, processes, services, installations, events, and environments. With storytelling, you immerse the user in interactive environments. As an experience designer, I’ve worked on various projects like educational games or virtual reality experiences.

Visual Design
Besides interactive content, I also have a passion for visual design. I like to use visuals and images to tell a story or deliver a message. I would love to help you with your projects so feel free to contact me!