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Virtual Reality Graduation Project – UX/UI

I researched UI possibility’s and controller explanations in virtual reality during my time at X-Ingredient. I did this for a supermarket research tool of VR3D Environments. I developed a prototype with which I could test UI/UX ideas and designs. Below you can see some of the solutions and systems I came up with.

Date: June, 2018

Erectus vs. Sapiens – UX/UI

I worked on the user experience and user interface during my time on Maata Games. I was part of the team that was developing version 2 of the browsergame Erectus vs Sapiens. This version has to work seamlessly between your phone/tablet and the browser version. The new version is a visual upgrade and is more user friendly with the new gameplay.

Disclaimer: The images shown do not represent the final version of the game.

Date: 2016, 2017